Staying Connected - A Personal Note To Youth

By Shaikh Musleh Khan - It's that time of the year again! From hot summer days to sleeping in and family outings, to back to school shopping, choosing classes and reconnecting with friends: It's back to school!

For most of you, this means a complete readjustment in your daily routine. Appointments, work schedules, baby sitting all have to function around school schedules. On the other hand, students will be reintroduced to an environment where their faith is put to the test and the pressures of fitting in become overwhelming for them and for all of us.


Friday khutbah: Shaikh Abdool Hamid

No Excuses!

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Where we ask imams about the motivation behind their Friday Khutbah.

This episode: Shaikh Abdool Hamid: No Excuses!

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Volunteers needed!

We're teaming up with QED and SCF to provide English language intensive classes for Syrian Canadians.

We are looking for proficiency in English, a 16 week commitment, September-January, two hours per week, previous teaching/tutoring experience is an asset. E-mail us if you can volunteer! If you would like to volunteer, or participate, please complete the appropriate form: Volunteer form | Participant form

Fall Semester: classes have begun!

Our line up of courses - new and continuing - are ready! New courses include: Al-Wasatiyyah: The Just Balance with Sh. Ahmad Kutty; Introduction to Fiqh with Br. Mohamed Benaicha; Introduction to Reading and Writing Arabic with Br. Fawaaz Safeek; Tajweed for Beginners with Sr. Julie Lowe and Journey of Life with Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick. Plus continuing courses in Vocabulary of the Qur'an; Sharia: What it is and what it's not. We also have courses in Book 2 and Book 3 of the Madinah Arabic Course, Advanced Tajweed with Qari Abdulfatah Jahedar and much more!

We are also offering our weekday evening madrassah for children, our Friday Night Family Program, and the Home-maker's Program for sisters.

Shari'ah - What it is & What it's not (Part 2) resumes Oct. 14
Al-Wasatiyyah: The Just Balance resumes Nov. 18
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Message from Br. Fareed, Chairman Board of Directors: I would like to take this opportunity to welcome our new and returning students to our Fall Semester. Over the last twenty years, the IIT has been offering a variety of courses to enrich our understanding of this noble Deen and to provide us with the tools we need to be upstanding, contributing citizens of Canada. Our distinguished scholars are amongst the best on the continent - please join them as they explore issues associated with Fiqh, Akhlaaq, Arabic Language and the contemporary challenges associated with living in a post-modern, pluralistic society. A special shout out to many of our students who have enrolled with us on an ongoing basis.

Experts, advocates call on Trudeau to declare Rohingya crisis genocide

In a letter to Mr. Trudeau on Monday, the signatories called on the Liberal government to "live up to Canada's international legal obligations under the UN Genocide Convention" and label the Rohingya crisis genocide. The letter comes as a United Nations fact-finding mission prepares to release a 400-page report on Tuesday detailing the alleged genocidal crimes by Myanmar's top military officers against the Rohingya ethnic minority. Around 725,000 Rohingya, an ethnic minority largely denied citizenship in Myanmar, have fled to neighbouring Bangladesh over the past year.


Free info. session: Sep. 30, 2 - 5 pm

Are you or someone you know with a disability under the age of 50? Are you concerned about the financial needs for your child or loved one with disability? Learn how to maximise your savings through RDSP? Do you want to save and grow your money in a halal way? Join us for an informative session with speaker: Br. Asad Ashraf, Investors Group. Wheelchair accessible, attendants & Sign Language Interpreters available. Light refreshments provided.


Some selected queries

Displaying wedding photos at home
Paying a student's tuittion with zakah
Driving taxi passengers to sinful places

IIT Ball Hockey League: One spot available in 12-16 age group

Players: One spot has opened up in the 12-16 age group, any skill level. First come, first served by Friday. After Friday, no more players wlll be accepted.

Sponsorship opportunity still available for 3 team shirts: Sponsor the new shirts for one of the 3 teams left and get your business name on the shirts as an ongoing advertisement for 5 years. Please contact Khalid to find out what else we will do for you if you sponsor us.

Check out our new website at for all the info you need about the league.

Amnesty condemns 'disgraceful' use of obscure clause to cut Toronto council - Alex Neve, Secretary General of Amnesty International Canada, said in a statement: "No government in Canada should take the contemptuous step of disregard for the Charter of Rights that the notwithstanding clause offers them."...
More than 5,800 youth suicides across Canada signals mental health 'crisis' - More than 5,800 Canadian children and youth have died by suicide during the past 13 years across Canada — some as young as 8 years old, according to data compiled by a Toronto Star/Ryerson School of Journalism investigation from coroners' offices in all provinces and territories except Nunavut...
CAIR Calls on Mosques to Host Hurricane Florence Evacuees - "We urge mosque officials and Muslim community leaders to contact local emergency agencies and FEMA to determine how to offer support to those impacted by Hurricane Florence," said CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad...
"Be Brothers" - Case Studies of Muslim Receptions of Refugees in History - Millions of Syrian, Somali, Rohingya, Palestinian and other refugees are struggling to survive in Turkey, Lebanon, Bangladesh, the United States and elsewhere. Muslims can and should go above and beyond in helping all who flee their home as the Prophet ﷺ and these various predecessors once did. We have done so before and we must do so again...
Trying to be a "perfect Muslim" in an Islamophobic world - The documentary 14 & Muslim looks at the struggles of Muslim teens as they transition from Islamic school to a public school for the first time. Unlike the students in the documentary, I didn't go through this transition: I attended public school from Kindergarten onwards. I was accustomed to standing out when I started wearing hijab in Grade 6, up until I finished high school in 2001...
Muslim Student Townhall Report - Muslim students rarely get the opportunity to speak freely about the particular challenges they face in the education system. Recognizing this gap, the NCCM's Muslim Student Town Hall initiative worked hard to change this by inviting diverse Muslim voices to the table to speak about their experiences...
Yemen conflict: A million more children face famine - A further one million children are at risk of famine in Yemen, Save the Children has warned. Rising food prices and the falling value of the Yemeni currency as a result of the conflict are putting more families at risk of food insecurity. But another threat comes from fighting around the key port city of Hudaydah, which is the entry point for most aid to the country's rebel-held areas...