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Will YOU be One of One Thousand?

We invite 1,000 believers to give $350 during Ramadhan, before Khatam-al-Qur'an.

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Gems of Qur'anic wisdom

Mon./Wed./Fri. 15 min. before Esha adhan
A quick glimpse into the vast treasure of the Qur'an, where our scholars highlight lessons from select verses - with Sh. Asad Yakob, Sh. Abdullah Hakim Quick, Sh. Ahmad Kutty and Sh. Musleh Khan.

New Muslim Support Circle

Fasting can be a challenge for a new Muslim! Are you a new Muslim who would like to join a support circle this Ramadan?

Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick will facilitate an informal group every Wednesday, one hour before Maghrib. Then join us for iftar!

Registration required

Free evening child-care during ramadhan: Fri. & Sat. evening

On Fridays and Saturdays, we are pleased to offer free baby-sitting/child-care (for children 3 - 10 years old) during isha & the first eight rakah of taraweeh.

Registration required

Lecture & iftar: Sat., 1 hour before maghrib

May 18: Shaikh Ahmad Kutty
Enhance your spirituality in Ramadhan

May 25: Shaikh Abdool Hamid
Month of the Quran

June 1: Shaikh Musleh Khan
The Prophet after Ramadhan

Youth Hangouts

June 1, 7 pm
Shaikh Musleh Khan - The story of Prophet Nuh

Going green

We’re aiming for a Green Ramadhan. Please bring your water in a reusable bottle. We are reducing/eliminating single-use plastic water bottles and have set up water refilling stations.

We commit to go beyond Ramadhan with our green initiative

Fashion Store & Bake sale

Looking for some Ramadhan essentials for yourself or a family member or friend? Check out our IIT Store! All proceeds go to IIT. Open before Tarawih and after 8 Rakaats!

Eid prayer: June 4, 8 am

Khateeb: to be announced

Please make wudu at home and arrive early. Parking available on both sides of Neilson Road, at the Scarborough Convention Centre, and Neilson Park (just south of Neilson & Finch) - no parking on Finch Avenue.

Recite takbiraat on your way to and from the prayer (audio: mp3, text: PDF)

Remember to pay zakatul fitr ($10/person) well in advance of eid.

Eid carnival & food bazaar: June 9, 12-6 pm

Join us for a day filled with fun and community spirit. Delicious food, bouncy castles, rides, henna, face painting, basketball, soccer, women's badminton and much more!

Zakah and Fitra

What is Zakah? The Arabic word 'Zakah' is generally translated as 'poor due' or 'religious levy' but literally it means purification, growth, blessing and appreciation. Islamically speaking, however, Zakah is the community's share in the produced wealth...

Zakatul Fitr (Fitra) and Eid: There are two types of Zakah in Islam. The first is the regular, compulsory charity (levied on the rich), also referred to specifically as Zakatul mal; it is the third pillar of Islam...


Leaders in Training Program: Jul. 2 - Aug. 9

This will provide youth age 16-22 the opportunity to develop leadership skills, including effective communication, problem solving and planning skills through workshops and hands-on experience planning and executing programs for summer camp participants. The program will admit a limited number of youth who demonstrate interest in community development, are willing to take initiative and demonstrate creative spirit and a positive attitude. Applications must be received before June 1.

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Youth leadership camp: Jul. 2 - Aug. 9

Youth Leadership Camp for 13-15 year olds! The camp will provide an enriched experience for students who wish to develop important life skills in a fun and engaging environment. Based on weekly registration, the Camp will offer basic Islamic instruction, Qur'an recitation skills, project-oriented experience through small community initiatives. Registration will be capped at 30 participants. Register early to avoid disappointment..

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Summer camp: Jul. 2 - Aug. 9

Six weeks of learning, fun & creativity! In addition to arts & crafts, recreational & outdoor activities, and field trips, the program offers engaging Islamic activities. Our facilities at the IIT, with a huge gymnasium and playing field, prayer facilities and classrooms are ideal for a program of this nature.

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We're hiring: summer camp jobs!

Several positions are available - please review the job descriptions, and apply for the position(s) you're interested in before May 22.

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Ask The Scholar

Starting the recitation of the Quran with Isha as part of the Khatm
Pointing the index finger upwards
My husband does not fast

Fatwa session with Shaikh Ahmad Kutty: May 10

Ramadan Fiqhi Issues

Hajj - registration still open

Act quickly if you wish to go - registration ends as soon as all spots are gone - only a few spots remain.

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Regularly uploading videos!

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Friday khutbah: Shaikh Ahmad Kutty

Purity of The Soul

Watch now

Security cameras and barbed wire: Living amid fear and oppression in Xinjiang

The small bedroom is frozen in time. The two little girls who used to sleep here left two years ago with their mother and now can't come home.

Their backpacks and school notebooks sit waiting for their return. A toy bear lies on the bed. Their clothes hang neatly in the closet.

The girls' grandmother says she can't bring herself to change it.


Revealed: new evidence of China's mission to raze the mosques of Xinjiang

Around this time of the year, the edge of the Taklamakan desert in far western China should be overflowing with people. For decades, every spring thousands of Uighur Muslims would converge on the Imam Asim shrine, a group of buildings and fences surrounding a small mud tomb believed to contain the remains of a holy warrior from the eighth century.

Pilgrims from across the Hotan oasis would come seeking healing, fertility, and absolution, trekking through the sand in the footsteps of those ahead of them. It was one of the largest shrine festivals in the region. People left offerings and tied pieces of cloth to branches, markers of their prayers.


Inside Syria’s Secret Torture Prisons: How Bashar al-Assad Crushed Dissent

Syrian security officers hung Muhannad Ghabbash from his wrists for hours, beat him bloody, shocked him with electricity and stuck a gun in his mouth.

Mr. Ghabbash, a law student from Aleppo, repeatedly confessed his actual offense: organizing peaceful antigovernment protests. But the torture continued for 12 days, until he wrote a fictional confession to planning a bombing.

Fire at Connecticut mosque was intentionally set, fire chief says - A weekend fire at a New Haven, Connecticut, mosque that caused significant damage was intentionally set, the city’s fire chief said Monday...
Police impose curfew on Sri Lankan town after mosques attacked - Police have imposed a curfew in the Sri Lankan town Chilaw after a dispute between Christians and Muslims, that began on Facebook, turned violent....
Omar Suleiman: Hateful attacks cannot silence voices of unity and love - On Thursday, North Texas Imam Omar Suleiman was invited by Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson, D-Dallas, to give the invocation on the floor of the U.S. House. The prayer prompted criticism of Suleiman. The criticism centered on the accusation that he has made anti-Semitic remarks on Twitter. The 2014 tweets dealt with Suleiman's support for Palestinians during the Gaza war...
Woman says she was subjected to hijab screening before exam - A Toronto woman is speaking out after she said she experienced discrimination inside a Centennial College classroom moments before taking one of the biggest exams of her career...
Toronto man who murdered physician wife sentenced to life without parole for 14 years - A disgraced Toronto neurosurgeon who murdered his physician wife just days after she filed for divorce more than two years ago was sentenced to life in prison Thursday and will not be eligible to apply for parole for 14 years...