End hatred: Motion 103

Following the horrific tragedy in Quebec, and an increasing level of Islamophobia in Canada, we urge our government and Members of Parliament to support Motion 103 currently before the legislature. This motion is critical to help us understand the extent of systemic racism and religious discrimination in general, including, but not limited to, Islamophobia.

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M-103: Canadian Muslims need this showing of solidarity - Much has been made this week of something that should have been a simple gesture to a community in mourning. Many Muslims in Canada have been hurting. They have been hurting because of a gruesome attack...
5 things to know about the Commons motion on Islamophobia - MPs debated a Liberal-sponsored anti-Islamophobia motion and a Conservative counter-motion this week amid much public confusion and misinformation...
Anti-Islam protest at Masjid Toronto prompts messages of love - More than a dozen people gathered outside a mosque in the heart of downtown Toronto with loudspeakers and banners in hand, shouting slogans about banning Islam...
Muslim Association of Canada released a statement on the Masjid Toronto incident: "No Canadian should feel intimidated when walking into their synagogue, church, temple or mosque. We are thankful to our fellow Canadians who joined with us today..."
The Peculiar Case of the Black American Islamophobe - Growing up in the diverse black communities of Brooklyn, NY, being Muslim was not really a strange thing. And to a certain extent the same could be said for the rest of the city...
Donald Trump Appears To Make Up Sweden Terror Attack - President Donald Trump falsely suggested at a Florida rally Saturday that Sweden had suffered a terror attack the previous night...
Feb. 26: Faith In The Face Of Hate - With Arnoud van Doorn (former Vice President of the Anti-Islam Dutch 'Freedom Party'), and American hip hop artist Freeway...

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Part-time Assistant for Senior Kindergarten: We are looking for individuals who have a passion for education and are willing to dedicate themselves to nurturing young minds with values that are critical to the development of Islamic identity and civic responsibility. (Application deadline: Feb. 28)

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A Night of Solace: Mar. 5, 5 pm

Shaikh Abu Bakr al-Shateri is coming to Canada for his first ever Canada-wide tour! Join us for a delightful program which includes his beautiful recitation, an inspirational talk, and a fundraiser for Syrian emergency relief.

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Amazing Stories of the Quran: Mar. 13-15

Three days. Three amazing stories!

The Ant, The Bee and the Spider is a three-part exploration of the meaning and message of the verses of the Qur'an that mention these three insects - in separate Surahs named after them.

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Hajj 1438: with Shaikh Abdool Hamid

If you wish to perform hajj, you must register right away. Spots cannot be held, and registration will be done on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Debunking Islamophobia

Islamophobia is not new!

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Winter semester in session

We are excited to be offering courses such as:

Allah is Beautiful and He Loves Beauty with Shaikh Ahmad Kutty
Inheritors of Divine Light with Shaikh Abdullah Hakim Quick
Wills and powers of attorney: Feb. 25, 7 pm

Plus continuing classes in Arabic language, tajweed, and so much more!

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Chatting on-line with a member of the opposite sex
'Female circumcision'
Nikah al-shighaar (quid pro quo marriage)

2017-02-17 khutbah: Shaikh Musleh Khan

The Reality of Death

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IIT scholars' engagements: February/March

Shaikh Ahmad Kutty will be leading umrah for Saba Travels in March
Shaikh Abdullah Hakim Quick was the keynote speaker at Islam Awareness week in Jamaica (February 11-22)
Shaikh Musleh Khan has returned from leading a group in umrah