Spring semester

We are excited to be offering courses such as:

Allah is Beautiful and He Loves Beauty with Shaikh Ahmad Kutty
Quranic Arabic with Shaikh Abdool Hamid
Inheritors of Divine Light with Shaikh Abdullah Hakim Quick
A Thematic Journey Through the Qur'an with Shaikh Musleh Khan

Plus continuing classes in Arabic language, youth classes, and more!

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Course schedule

Youth Table Tennis Tournament: Sat. Apr. 29

Registration is full for youth 10-16 for our 6th Annual Youth Table Tennis Tournament to be held at IIT on Saturday April 29. The adult tournament will be held at the same time. Everyone welcome to come out and watch some of the best Muslim players in Ontario compete.

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Lying about location when offering online classes
Permissibility of rejecting marriage proposal
Not observing hijab to conceal faith from parents

Robotics workshop: May 6, 10:30 am

Are you a student in grade 6, 7 or 8? Have you ever wanted to build a robot? Would you like to learn more about robotics and coding? Then, this workshop is for you!

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Frogs of Altona Forest: May 13, 9:30 am

Discover the frogs of Altona forest on a hike presented by the IIT Youth Council. Learn about when frogs emerge in the forest and the different species that call in the spring. Spots are limited! The hike will be led by Larry Noonan, a local environmentalist from the Altona Forest Stewardship Committee.

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Preparing for Ramadhan: May 14, 2 pm

Are you ready for Ramadhan? Join Shaikh Musleh Khan as we learn how to approach this blessed month and what we can do to make the most of it. The course includes a special Nutrition and Fitness session with Sister Sadaf Jamal.

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Ramadhan is coming!

Alhamdulillah Shaban is upon us and Ramadhan is just a few weeks away. We are planning an even more engaging program this year - check our website and this newsletter to stay informed.

How to Benefit from Ramadhan Optimally
The Sunnah and Elements of Flexibility in Determining the Times of Fajr and Imsak (beginning of fasting)
2016 fatwa session on Ramadhan and fasting
New moon: sighting or calculating?
When Does The Month Of Ramadhan Begin? Science and Wisdom

Ummah Nabawiah Conference

Ummah Nabawiah Masjid will be hosting it's Annual Conference on May 6 & 7.

2017-04-21 khutbah: Shaikh Abdullah Hakim Quick

The Evil of Deception (Ghuroor)

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Dortmund bus terror arrest: German-Russian man 'carried out bomb attack to make money before blaming Muslims' - The Borussia Dortmund team bus was targeted with three bombs last Tuesday ahead of their Champions League quarter-final against Monaco, leaving one player and one policeman injured...
Halal food market surging in Canada - A growing Muslim community in Canada has led to swelling sales of halal food, which has some grocers, manufacturers and eateries seeking ways to profit from the boom “It’s a huge business. It’s an $80-billion business around the world. In Canada, it’s about $1 billion...
Judge rules Sask. government cannot fund non-Catholic students in Catholic schools - A Court of Queen’s Bench judge in Saskatchewan has ruled that non-Catholic students may not be funded in Catholic schools in the province, as of June 30, 2018...
Pope Francis calls refugee centres concentration camps, but Jewish group says ‘there is no comparison’ - Rhetorically speaking, comparing someone to Adolf Hitler is usually the nuclear option in policy and polite discussions alike. An opponent’s viewpoints can be outlandish, harmful or downright wrong a and still a far cry from the slave labour...
Rebuilding the Brooklyn Broadway Islamic Center - On early Saturday morning the Brooklyn Broadway Islamic Center was destroyed in a fire, officials said.The blaze broke out just before 6 a.m. inside the mosque on the second floor of a Gates Avenue building in Bedford-Stuyvesant...
It’s Not Enough to Dismiss Islamophobia - A new book argues that conversations about Muslims in America and Europe are about more than rights and freedoms. Controversies over Islam take somewhat different shapes in Europe and the United States...
Ontario imam threatened with death, burning of mosque over Muslim student support - A Mississauga, Ont. imam says he’s received threats against his life and a message calling for the burning of a mosque where he practices amid rising religious tensions at the Peel District School Board...
A Dose of Empathy From My Syrian Doctor - He lifted his glasses and let them rest on his forehead before taking hold of my right leg. “Pull me closer,” he said. I pulled. “Push me away.” I pushed...
India visit 'very productive' despite controversy, says Sajjan - Mr Sajjan says he has been able to bolster ties between India and Canada. Punjab's top elected official had accused him of sympathising with a Sikh independence movement, which he denies...