Summer intensive: Jul. 4 - Aug. 25

Out of school and looking for interesting, engaging, and fun summer activities? We have an amazing program for high school, college and university students (16+). From diabetes education, to basketball, an Islamic Film Festival, and a coffee house, we've got something for you. Space is limited!

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Summer volunteers

Are you 15+ with nothing to do in the summer? Consider volunteering with our Summer intensive - it's fun, exciting and rewarding, and you'll enjoy great company! Only serious applicants will be considered; volunteers will only be contacted if needed.

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Fall Semester begins: Sep. 8

Our Fall Semester begins Sep. 8, with new and continuing courses. Our theme this fall will be The Amazing Qur'an - many of our courses will centre around the Qur'an, its language and vocabulary, its major themes, and lessons from specific surahs such as Surah Yusuf, described by the Qur'an itself as the best of stories.

Stay tuned for the launch of the fall courses - check our courses page as well as our facebook and other social media for updates.

Gearing up for Islamic History Month

October is Islamic History Month and once again, preparations are underway for another informative and exciting year! This year we hope to feature... drum roll... The Caribbean! As well as Algeria, Turkey (better than last year), and Sri Lanka.

We are looking for volunteers who can help make this happen - if interested, send us an e-mail about the skills you can bring.


Alhamdulillah our group, led by Shaikh Abdool Hamid, arrived in Abu Dhabi and made their way to Jeddah. This is the first leg of their blessed journey. May Allah accept it from them.

Take advantage of our archive of hajj class recordings, and other hajj resources.

Fatwa session with Shaikh Ahmad Kutty: August 10

Hajj-related issues

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Naming company after a Greek god
Treatment of slaves prior to Islam
Atoning for having a girlfriend, attempting black magic

IIT Ball Hockey league - Registration Week 3!

New players: Spots for new players are limited. Join the growing waiting list now. Ages 12-16 have a better chance of getting in.
Returning players: ONE WEEK left for a guaranteed spot (Monday Aug. 21 deadline). No exceptions if you're late.
Volunteers needed: Coaches, referees, scorekeepers, timekeepers. No experience necessary, training provided. Perfect for high school students looking for volunteer hours, or parents with kids in the league.

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Thanks to your generous help, we reached our $300,000 Ramadhan goal. If you made a pledge, please fulfil it at your earliest convenience - jazaakallah!

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Muslimah Photovoice Exhibition: Aug. 25 - Sep. 10

The time is almost here to celebrate what has come out of the Picture the Possibilities: Muslimah Photovoice Project! (This project was graciously supported by The Tessellate Institute - special thanks to Brother Nabeel Ahmed and Sister Kathy Bullock.)

The gallery is in Daniels Spectrum in Regent Park, which is one of the oldest and most threatened, predominantly black Muslim communities in Toronto.

Opening Reception: Aug. 26, 5-8 pm - Daniels Spectrum, 2nd floor

Saudi Arabia's missing princes - In the last two years, three Saudi princes living in Europe have disappeared. All were critical of the Saudi government - and there is evidence that all were abducted and flown back to Saudi Arabia… where nothing further has been heard from them...
Transgenderism: A Pathogenic Meme - For forty years as the University Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Medical School—twenty-six of which were also spent as Psychiatrist in Chief of Johns Hopkins Hospital—I’ve been studying people who claim to be transgender...
Funeral homes warned to be prepared in advance of possible pandemic - Canadian health officials have extensive plans to ensure people survive a future influenza pandemic, but they’ve also made macabre recommendations for the nation’s funeral homes for those who don’t...
The South Nepean Muslim Community (SNMC) Donates $14,500 to the Red Cross for BC Fire Victims - AAl-Hamdu Lillah with the support of the community, SNMC donated $14,500 on Friday July 28, 2017 for BC Fire victims. With the government matching our donation, a grand total of $29,000 will be donated for BC Wildfire Relief efforts...
Muslim woman awarded $85,000 after her hijab was forcibly removed by Long Beach police officer - The city of Long Beach has agreed to pay $85,000 to settle a federal lawsuit filed by a Muslim woman whose hijab was pulled off by a male officer while she was in police custody...
Follow the epic journey of eight Muslims cycling from London to Madina for Hajj - Eight British Muslims set off from East London Mosque three weeks ago in an epic journey on their bicycles to the holy city of Madina for the Hajj pilgrimage...
Nepal outlaws custom of exiling women during their periods - Nepal has passed a law criminalising the practice of banishing women to huts during their periods. The ancient Hindu tradition of Chhaupadi, whereby women are confined to animal sheds during menstruation...
Heading for Hajj? - This guide has been produced to provide facts and details on major landmarks in the city of Makkah and the surrounding area. It is intended to help Muslims gain more awareness on the history and significance behind these places, particularly for those embarking on Hajj or Umrah...
Hajj: A Precious Call - When Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him) completed the building of the Ka`bah, Almighty Allah commanded him to call people to Hajj. Prophet Abraham pleaded, “O Allah, how shall my voice reach all humankind?” Almighty Allah told him that his duty was only to make the call and that it was up to Allah to make it heard by people...
Five Toronto sisters challenge stereotypes to carry on ball hockey tradition - The automatic doors glide open at the Paul Coffey Arena and nearly half the players on the “red” ball hockey team — five Azmi sisters, ages 16 to 24 — rush in and down a few stairs to a change room. The other team is warming up on the floor. So are the Azmis’ teammates...