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Job opportunities

Elementary School Teacher (Arabic & French) (Application deadline: Sep. 24) The successful candidate will join a team of dedicated professionals, and will be assigned teaching responsibilities in Arabic and French for JK-Grade 3.

Office Administrator (Info. Management & Donor Relations) (Application deadline: Sep. 30) We are seeking a highly motivated professional, who will manage the day-to-day customer service, financial, information management and administrative responsibilities at the Islamic Institute of Toronto.


Salaatul jumuah will be outdoors again (Sep. 19) due to ongoing work on the gym floor. Please dress for the weather & be on time for the khutbah at 1:30 pm. The gym is expected to be ready for jumuah next week, but please stay tuned for details.
For khutbah recordings & more, search for 'IIT' on iTunes & subscribe to our podcasts (or visit iit.podbean.com)

Halaqa this Sat. (Sep. 20), 7:30 pm

'Temptation Island - dealing with daily trials' with Shaikh Shazim Khan


Our group leaves Thurs. Sep. 18 at 10:45 pm (Etihad Airways flight EY140) from Terminal 1, Toronto Pearson International Airport, accompanied by Shaikh Abdool Hamid. In keeping with the spirit of the occasion, we encourage you to come out (around 9:30 pm), and see the hujjaj off as they embark on their pilgrimage!
→ Federal notification on precautions for hujjaj

Arranging for sacrifice is often a challenge as we prepare for hajj and the celebration of Eidľal-Adha (tentatively Sat. Oct. 4). Many prefer to donate to relief agencies which can arrange for sacrifice in countries where people are in need due to conflict, wars, poverty, etc., such as:
• Islamic Relief
• ICNA Relief

Those who wish to perform the sacrifice locally can contact their halal butcher. The Ontario Government maintains a list of plants that provide Halal Slaughter Services. Please note that this list is provided for reference only and we do not specifically endorse any of the above, nor have we independently verified the accuracy of the information.

Tips to Maximize Hajj Benefits

Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam. It is the peak and culmination of the acts of worship. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said, "Whoever performs the rites of Hajj, while having refrained from acts of lewdness, obscenity and wrangling, will return home like a newborn (i.e., free from all sins)." He (peace and blessings be upon him) also said, "A virtuous Hajj entails no other reward than Paradise." Continued...

Deeper Roots - an Overview of Islamic History

An exciting course (Tues. 7 pm) that challenges the foundations of Euro-Centric History by showing the amazing achievements of the Golden Age of Islam (7-15th Century); revealing the evidences for Pre-Columbus voyages made by Muslim explorers; showing the actual places and traces of Muslim presence in the early Americas and following the footsteps of these Muslims throughout Central and North America.
Eventbrite - course registration

Fall Semester - we're here everyday for YOU!

We are pleased to present the 2014 Fall Semester, with a number of new and continuing courses. Please note that while some classes are streamed live on-line, most can only be accessed in person at the IIT.

Comprehensive Arabic Lang. Level 1 - Ustaz Mohamed Edris: Wed. 7 pm, beginning Sep. 24
Arabic Lang. Book 1 - Sister Rona Ulla: Tues. & Thurs. 7 pm
Tajweed Essentials (for brothers & sisters) - Sister Julie Lowe: Sat. 10:30 am
Qur'an Recitation (for sisters) - beginners - Sister Laila Maarouf: Sun. 3 pm

These are just a few highlights, please review the class schedule for details on all classes.

IIT to host events on Islamic History Month

We will observe Islamic History Month in October with a number of events. Spearheaded by internationally renowned Muslim historian, Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick, we will have an exhibition of Islamic history and inventions, a documentary and discussion about slavery in America and the experience of Muslim slaves, as well as other events pertaining to the continuing evolution of Islam and Muslims in Canada. In the same vein, Our Fall Semester includes an exciting course entitled Deeper Roots - an Overview of Islamic History.

If you are interested in volunteering to plan and/or execute these events, please email us.

Extremists distort all religions, not just Islam

By Ihsaan Gardee | National Post | September 12, 2014

If the aim of recent commentaries by Rex Murphy and Tasha Kheiriddin ('The I-word,' Aug. 23; 'Western civilization to the barricades,' Sept. 4.) was to enlighten readers about the threat that Islam poses to the world, then they earn a failing grade.

Instead of facing the reality of the situation, both writers preferred to regurgitate outdated stereotypes, by arguing that the first step toward stopping the threat of terrorism, is to acknowledge that it emerges from Islam. This argument is flawed for the obvious reason that Muslims and Islam have co-existed with people of other faiths quite peacefully all around the world for centuries. It simply ignores the reality that innumerable acts of goodness are done in the name of Islam by its adherents. Continued...

Tafseer session

Join us for one of our flagship programs, where Shaikh Abdool Hamid discusses central concepts in the Qur'an. These sessions systematically explain the verses of the Holy Qur'an from the earliest sources.

Normally held on the second and fourth Saturdays of the month, tafseer sessions will only be held on Sep. 13, Nov. 15, Nov. 29, & Dec. 13 (due to hajj and Shaikh Abdool Hamid's other commitments). The sessions are at 6 pm/after asr.

Community News: Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup

Ready to fulfil our amaanah of cherishing our shared waters and environment? Want to leave a positive legacy? Please join the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup in Rouge Park - soon to be the first National Park of its kind in Canada!

When: Sun. Sep. 28 at 2 pm
Where: Rouge Waterfront West (195 Rouge Hills Drive)
Registration (required): http://goo.gl/CL1KWt
FaceBook Event Page: http://goo.gl/CW3eq0
Contact: Aasiya Hussain, ecohesian@gmail.com

To learn more and explore this beautiful location, please contact Sr. Aasiya and join her free Rouge Park hike Sept. 13 at 2 pm.

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IIT Academy: JK - grade 8

2014-2015 academic year: Waiting list for all grades except 7 & 8. Registration for future years is open.

The IIT Academy is a registered private school with the Ontario Ministry of Education, and offers the full Ontario curriculum, as well as Islamic Studies, Arabic Language, Qur'an Recitation and French.

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